Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stairway To Heaven

Here is the finished painting. After several stops and starts I think it is now finished for good. I decided to make it in memory of my Mom, who I know would have liked it. Hopefully she can look down from Heaven every now and then and know I'm always thinking about her. :)

There is a lot of texture to this one! Suzi Blu had us piling on the media in this lesson. Let's see, there's a bunch of modeling paste, some water soluble oil pastels, three different colors of Liquitex inks, colored pencils and lots of paints (these are just the things I can remember). I didn't have the Light Modeling Paste that Suzi called for, so I had to go with the regular. It's not too bad. I like the way it took to the inks, oil pastels and paints.

Here are a couple of closeups to get a better view of all that texture:

It was my first time working with the Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels. They take a while to cure (I found out the hard way). But any "mistake" only lends itself to the aged look of the piece, I think. The intent was to give her an aged, fresco-like appearance. I put some modeling paste on her face in certain spots and all over her "hair". This was definitely an experiment in how to work with the media. I have to say I LOVE working on the wood again. Good thing hubby has cut up a bunch of different sizes for me. ;)

Overall, I like the way she turned out. I used my standby favorite colors again: blues, purples and some pinks. Ooh, plus the Golden's Interference colors in Violet and Blue. I want to take a bath in that stuff. LOVE it!!

I'm working on a couple of different journals right now: the Goddess Journal plus a new book and theme that really has me excited. Will post images from both books soon.

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