Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sisters: A Sneak Peek at Faux Encaustics

The background in this piece is my first attempt at trying the"faux encaustic" technique from the workshop I'm taking. I decided to enhance it with some digital imagery from a Degas painting and the word "love".

My sister had to put her 16-year-old cat to sleep Thursday. I was so sad after talking with her; I know what she's going through. I had to do the same for my little guy when he was 20 1/2 years old. After we talked, I got to thinking about when we were growing up and how she would follow me around trying to do whatever I was doing. All of these emotions were going through my head when I finished this canvas today. I was looking for something to enhance it and when I looked in my files I came across this Degas painting that brought those memories back. So I took the image of the two girls and put them in my background.

Here is the canvas alone:

The technique is really cool. I didn't have the correct gel medium for one of the steps and had to use a soft gel gloss (it called for semi-gloss). This little town doesn't have much in the way of art supplies so I'll have to stock up from Dick Blick. I went ahead and used the gloss on all of the canvasses since these are only 5" x 5" samples used just to try the technique. I'll definitely do bigger canvasses when I get the correct supplies. I get the cheapie canvasses that they sell at JoAnn that have simple pictures printed on them. They are with the art supplies for kids. I just Gesso over that and use them for my samples. These were 2 for $1 so it's a good way to try a technique without having to use your good canvas.

This is a great workshop and can be found at Creative Workshops (see side link). The teacher is Jodi Ohl and she's really thorough and fun to watch. I'm loving the possibilities with this technique!

I'll post the rest of the canvasses after I do the final step on those. I decided to jump in and finish one today. I wanted to make a little something for my sis, hoping it would at least make her feel loved. :)

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