Sunday, June 16, 2019

More Book Collages

Sure To Be In Demand 

Ask Your Big Brother

Both of these collages were made from vintage book parts. I am loving this process and the different ways that the books, titles and parts inspire me. 

And I am still practicing portraits. I love using the iPad to paint and manipulate sketches I import from my sketchbook.

Photography is also calling to me again. I am wanting to get out and experiment more with different locations and subjects. I'll always find beautiful subject matter at the nature preserve. Chasing hawks is my favorite pastime while I take my morning walks.

These are a few of the things keeping me busy right now. I am enjoying the weather, the walks and the inspiration! 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

2019: Year of the Collage

I just finished a wonderful class taught by Melinda Tidwell called The Fine Art of Book Collage. It involves deconstructing vintage paperback and hardback books and then using the parts in abstract collage. I LOVED it. This collage was made from mostly hardback books. It's called "From Betty with Love".

This collage is called "The Luxurious Life" and it's made from mainly vintage paperback book parts. I plan on making a lot of these. I have deconstructed tons of vintage hardbacks and paperbacks that I got free from the local library.

In addition I have been continuing with portrait drawing and painting. I've added digital work too since I upgraded my iPad. The three images below were done digitally. They printed out beautifully.

I have all of my portraits on my Instagram account under the name magpiestudiodesigns. I know it has been over a year since I posted and I've considered deleting this blog. I will keep it for now and post new work as I finish it.

I am taking a year long class called Year of the Collage from Carla Sonheim's website. There are different teachers every three months and it's all been very inspiring so far!