Sunday, June 16, 2019

More Book Collages

Sure To Be In Demand 

Ask Your Big Brother

Both of these collages were made from vintage book parts. I am loving this process and the different ways that the books, titles and parts inspire me. 

And I am still practicing portraits. I love using the iPad to paint and manipulate sketches I import from my sketchbook.

Photography is also calling to me again. I am wanting to get out and experiment more with different locations and subjects. I'll always find beautiful subject matter at the nature preserve. Chasing hawks is my favorite pastime while I take my morning walks.

These are a few of the things keeping me busy right now. I am enjoying the weather, the walks and the inspiration! 

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Pearson Report said...

Hi Pam,

I'm glad you're out here on Blogger sharing your art. I enjoy seeing it on Instagram too.

I'm poking my head out into the blogosphere wondering what fellow bloggers are up to - seems some are still active, others not so much (me) and then others have outright fallen off the grid.

I'm cleaning house as it were, out here, streamlining my blogger page. It's tedious, but it helps if I'm not following blogs that no longer exist - it makes the reading list a little more functional.

I hope this finds you smiling and enjoying summer - it has been a beautiful one!

Sending smiles and happy thoughts your way, Jenny