Saturday, August 4, 2012

Book Spine Poetry: The Art of Growing Up

I was inspired by a recent article in Brain Pickings newsletter regarding something called book spine poetry. How intriguing! It was the idea of the artist Nina Katchadourian a few years ago. Evidently she was working on a Sorted Books project and this idea came about. If you search the brainpickings site, you should be able to find an example. Here's the idea. You gather a few books together and make a little poem out of the spines. (Photos by me)

My ears perk up immediately when poetry is mentioned. I have a ton of books here... I couldn't resist the challenge. They don't have to be poetry books; any books will do. Just gather them together and use the titles for your little poem. So I went hunting and here's what I came up with after a few minutes.

My first Book Spine Poem: The Art of Growing Up

One Art:
The art of growing up,
Inspired remnants, curious dreams,
Spilling open
True vision.

Ha! That's it! The site listed the books it used for its poem so I'll do the same:

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop
The Art of Growing up, Simple ways to be Yourself at Last, by Veronique Vienne with photographs by Jeanne Lipsey
Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams by Kerin Gale
Spilling Open, The Art of Becoming Yourself, by Sabrina Ward Harrison
True Vision, by L.K. Ludwig

This was a lot of fun and very inspiring. Now I'll have to go put these books back in their shelf or I'll lose them! Have a great weekend everybody!