Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And Life Goes On...

"Les morts vont vite, the dead go fast, the next day absent!
Et les vivants sont dingues, the living are haywire.
Except for a few who grieve, life rapidly readjusts itself...
The dead go quickly
Not knowing why they go or where they go. To die is human,
To come back divine.
Les morts vont vite. We living stand at the gate
And life goes on."
-- from Proverb
by Kenneth Koch

I took this photo yesterday at sunrise. I couldn't believe the color! It was like a beautiful painting! It reminded me of fire. The poem was one I came across in The New Yorker today. 

This time of year is hard for me. It was Mom's favorite. She used to love getting ready for the holidays. She loved cooking for Thanksgiving and anticipating everyone coming home for dinner. And Christmas was her absolute favorite. She had recently started decorating two trees and hosting an open house. Her face would light up at the thought of preparing for the festivities! :-)

But she's been gone for eight years now and that just seems impossible to me. So we continue with some traditions and not others. Dad has remarried and has a new family to celebrate with. So, yeah, I guess it's true. Life goes on...

I hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it where you are. HUGS to every one of YOU!