Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Changes in 2018

So yeah, it's been a while since I posted here. I'm debating whether to delete the blog and start over. We have an ANCIENT computer that makes it practically impossible to log on and that's another reason for the lack of posts. 

I've been mainly posting my art on Instagram under the name Magpiestudiodesigns. I'm working on getting an Etsy shop put together and selling some cards/prints of my work. Right now shopping for a suitable place that will print giclee prints. 

I did finish the 100 Faces project (120 portraits!). Still continuing with the theme under the hashtag #my2018wonkyportaits on Instagram. The photos above are examples of my latest posts. I have been doing some work with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in the ProCreate app. I usually import my hand drawn sketches and tweak them digitally. That's easier for me than trying to draw straight on the iPad. So that's what's keeping me busy these days: learning more about ProCreate and hopefully getting a new computer this weekend. 

If I change blogs or begin a new one from scratch I'll post the link here.