Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More Wonky Portraits

Proud to say that I'm right on schedule with my 100 Wonky Portraits project. I just posted portrait #28 on my Instagram feed. Here are a few more of my favorites. I'm experimenting with different papers, media and styles. The first one is ink and colored pencil on toned paper. This is one of the band members from Kings of Leon.

This is done with graphite and colored pencil. There is an app called Sketchy that is full of people posing for you to draw/sketch/paint. I chose this lady with the glasses to try. Hands are HARD to draw!

This is another model from the Sketchy app done in ink, graphite and colored pencil on toned paper. Did I mention that hands are HARD to draw?  ;)

Marilyn... done in graphite and colored pencil.

I took this pose from a fashion magazine. I loved her glasses and the expression on her face. She's actually leaning against a man's shoulder but I just wanted to draw her. This is done with watercolor, ink and colored pencil.

She's done in watercolor, ink and colored pencil. Laying on a blanket in the sun...

I love working with pen and doing intricate line work so I spent hours on her hair. Very relaxing. She's done in ink and colored pencil.

These little portraits are keeping me busy every night (I work on them while watching TV). I love this project. It keeps me on the lookout for interesting faces and poses. If you have an Instagram account, I have three (of course!). My art account is @magpiestudiodesigns. All of the portraits are posted there under the hashtag #100wonkyportraits. I'll keep posting my favorites here.


Viola said...

This was so fabulous to see! I enjoyed each and one of them! I've never heard about that app. It's a lot of work on the curly hair!

Pat Tillett said...

I love them! How long did it take you do her hair in the last one?

Pam Tucker said...

Viola: Thank you! Yes, check out the app. :)

Pat: Thank you so much! It took a whole evening (in front of the TV) to get that hair inked in. Very relaxing, though. :)