Friday, May 22, 2009

New Worlds

I put this piece together to celebrate all of the new worlds I'm discovering in my art! One world I am loving is the doll world. I finally got the base layer of Paperclay to stick to my doll and now can start my sculpting. The problem is deciding how I want her facial features to look! That varies depending on what mood I'm in from day to day. And I have to decide what to dress her in, the colors I want her to wear, etc. You see why doll making is addicting. You just have to keep making more dolls to accommodate these choices!

I'm attributing a lot of these "new worlds" to my art journalling. That is another world that I finally can say I've started and really enjoy. The digital journal is more current because it's so convenient but I still dabble in the "real" notebook too. Clearing the work table will help me keep that journal more current. All of the doll stuff is now moving down to the workshop where I have my jewelry, drill and clay supplies.

So, here I am in my little artist house dreaming from the attic window of what I'll work on next!

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