Friday, May 15, 2009

Digital Grounds: Part 2

This image was printed out onto clear shelf-liner! It really didn't scan as well as I would have liked. The image was much sharper than the scan shows. I was very happy with it! I am loving these digital grounds products! Thank goodness I received my new shipment today! I've already used up all of the sample size of the Digital Grounds for Non-Porous Surfaces (my favorite).

I think this image didn't scan so well because it IS see through. So I put a piece of white paper underneath and thought you would be able to see the image better that way.

Still didn't scan so hot. The color doesn't show up much on the scan but it DID on the print! Now, here's the interesting thing. After I scanned this one, I wanted to remove it from the copy paper and use in a project I was working on. Since it's re-positionable shelf liner it peeled right back off of the copy paper.

BUT, when I went to place it onto my project the image "slid" off of the clear part! So I was left holding a very thin "skin" of the image. For some reason it came right off of the plastic. At first I was panicked but then I just very carefully positioned it onto the paper I wanted to put it onto. For this particular project I was using a transparency OVER THE TOP of it and that is what held the "skin" in place.

If I were NOT going to use a transparency I would have to very carefully place some type of adhesive on my receiving paper and gently place the "skin" on top of that.

This weekend I'm experimenting more with the Digital Grounds for Non-Porous Surfaces, Soft Gel (gloss) and Acrylic Grounds for Pastels (all Golden brand). I'll post when I have some new samples to show.

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