Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Here is a journal page I made for today. I didn't include the writing that I did because it was too personal but the image says a lot of what the writing expounded upon. I am trying to keep the promise I made to myself to journal more and visual journalling is really a healing process. I have my art table completely covered up right now working on my doll. I didn't want to remove all of the material to make a journal page so I compromise and have a digital journal going for days like this when it's just not feasible to bring the art supplies to the table. I like to keep both and they are my journals so that's how I operate! ;)

The doll. Well, we ran into a snag yesterday. I went to give her the first coat of Paperclay. It just wasn't going well. I forgot to mention that before I can sculpt her face she needs an initial layer of Paperclay as a base. So that was the plan for yesterday: get the initial layer down and then today start sculpting (my favorite part). But the clay, or more accurately, MY APPLICATION of the clay didn't work. It ended up being gooey and sticky and completely NOT what was supposed to happen! AArrgghh... So before it could dry like that I wiped it all off and set her under a fan to dry.

I contacted Jane, who teaches the workshop (a wonderful teacher!) and described to her what happened. I had a feeling I was using too much water with the clay. She agreed after she heard my description of the mess. Come to find out, especially with a new package of clay, you don't need much water at all to adhere it to the Gesso'd doll. Note to self: today EASY ON THE WATER! While I was at it, last night I gave her another coat of Gesso just to make her a little more sturdy for the clay. So today the experiment continues. Hopefully the first layer of Paperclay will take!

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