Thursday, May 7, 2009


I fell in love with this background and couldn't decide what exactly to do with it. You can barely see it but this piece started out as just the misty backdrop of a door in this empty, gauzy room. So I added many, many layers in Photoshop giving it a window, some colorful leaves on the floor and tons of texture with curtains and other chiffon material.

I started with another subject altogether and tried to make that work for awhile. It wasn't doing anything for me. Then I ran across this little one in my vintage images file. She just looked like a little blossom! I had to give her some color and improvise on her chair but I finally got the look I was after. Barely visible are partial images of little girls in their summer dresses floating above her head. Subtle hints of flowers in the background and drops of color on the floor finished it off nicely.

I've been inspired lately by the blooming flowers of Spring (my irises are blooming! She's holding one of them) and all of the bursts of color that are showing up outside. I like the contrast of the monochromatic room of long ago and the vintage girl brought to life through color. I hope you agree!

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