Thursday, March 11, 2010


Dreaming...more like daydreaming! Dreaming about all of the things I want to do, dreaming about having the time and the skill to do them. Ahhh...hopefully, one day all of it will materialize.

I love these two photos I have in my archives. One is of a ramp going out toward the water and the other is a sunset on a water scene with a figure walking along the beach. I merged the two and put them on a background of merged CitraSolv papers. I love staring at the water and dreaming...that's what these images remind me of.

It's funny, the images that can attract me at any certain time. For some reason lately I've been drawn to any images I see about the circus. I'm not necessarily crazy about the circus; I don't think I've ever been to one. But just the right images have piqued my Muse's curiosity and we are experimenting with a few things. Once I get a good sketch down, I'll try to incorporate the encaustics.

There was a great circus theme in the last issue of the Anthropologie catalog. One image in particular caught my eye. I did some manipulating with more CitraSolv backgrounds, some funky blending modes and finally a few filters and ended up with this:

There's something brewing in my head that I want to nail down and put on the canvas. Hopefully it will make itself known soon. The circus theme is a perfect one to experiment with. I'm itching to try a few techniques that I've been reading about in the encaustic workshop book. They all involve shellac burns using a butane torch. Scary, the thought of me with a torch (even a small one). But I'm going to try. I found a nice little torch at Lowe's and now I'm set for the experiments.

My brother and sister are coming in today and staying through the weekend. Maybe I'll talk my sister into playing in my studio for a while. ;) I haven't seen them since Christmas so I'm really excited that they are visiting.

When I've had a chance to try my hand with the torch, I hope to have something worthwhile to show. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, it's your friendly stalker. Great news that your brother and sister were stopping by for a visit. Hope you had a good time with them. Love the new pictures. Be sure to send them to us! Melissa

Bill C. said...

I seem to be stuck thinking of superlatives to describe your work. All I can think of lately is "stunning!" I love the circus picture. I've never been to a circus, either, but have always found pictures of them fascinating. I think it may be because the circus to me represents an escape from reality - color, fun, and impossibilities come true.