Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Into Night

Here are two more encaustic paintings I've been working on. The painting in the top photo is called, "Day Into Night". I also incorporated one of the many images I've transferred onto pieces of muslin. I'm still not getting the look I want with the wax but I'm learning more as I go along. I keep forgetting to heat my surface first, then add the wax. It will just take a while to get used to it. I also had to get some different brushes. The bristles were still coming out of mine, even though they were supposedly "natural" hair brushes.

This next one was another experiment with adding encaustic medium to a CitraSolv page. I tore part of the CitraSolv background page and adhered it to black cardstock that I'd already glued down on the clayboard panel. I then added the encaustic medium to get the smoky, cloudy look. Finally I just flicked on different colors of encaustic wax paint and added the flowing color at the bottom. This was for a challenge at Art From The Heart.ning. The theme was "In Darkness".

I thought this section of the CitraSolv background was so cool. It looks as if there is a figure partially hidden behind a curtain. It's just the way that the inks melted onto the page partially obscuring a person in the photograph. I like the "ghostly" look.

I said when I posted this to the group that I could identify with the figure hiding behind the curtain. The title of the piece is "Hiding In The Shadows".

That's it for now. I'm hoping to have another couple of pieces ready soon. I've been experimenting with different techniques. Some have worked while others...I'm not quite there yet.


Michele said...

It does give it a ghostly look. Very nice. Love the colors you used on both pieces too. Purple is a color I love, but rarely use, it's nice to see it out and about. :)

Great job with all the waxy effects, If you hadn't told anyone, I'd never know you were a beginner!

Sherry said...

Just wanted to let you know that I found some CitraSolv at the local organic food store and started experimenting. I pulled out too many dark pages so there isn't enough contrast but since I bought 20 National Geographics for a dime each, I figure I can try a billion different techniques. I have one in mind that I'm hoping to try after church today and then hoping to have time to post. We'll see. Thank you for sharing this technique. The pages do seem perfect for encaustic launch pads.

Next I'm gonna try to find a way to do something with fashion magazine pages.

Jackie said...

Hi girl,
I am without a computer this week :( whaa whaaaa. I painted last night though. I am on a borrowed comp right now .mine should be fixed this week.
Love seeing your work.. how do you like encaustic?

Sherry said...

thanks for stopping by my blog & website. I just posted one picture of my first Citra Solv piece.
I needed a new thing to play with - haha!