Monday, April 13, 2009

Moonlight Magic

I've been doing more experimenting with Photoshop tutorials and always wondered how to get the "reflection in the water" effect. It's so simple! Just flip the image and adjust the transparency. Duh! The image of the woman was from a tutorial that I found for adding effects for fantasy art. That is something I want to learn more about. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to print out the tutorial! I can't work from a screen. Call me anal but I need written directions in front of me to read as I go along with each step. Everytime I tried a new way to print out the directions my computer froze up, so now I have this great image and no way to learn the effects I want! I'll try again later. That's not the only site that teaches such things.

I'm still drawn to my ttv lenses (frames). I like the effect of looking through the lens. Also, I'm very excited that this piece is now a featured photo over at the Creative Souls website! If you click on photos it will be with the other featured artwork (all beautiful!) at the top of the page. I love that website! The artists that show their work are tremendous! There is so much talent and inspiration when you browse through the different artists' albums. It IS an honor to have my work featured. :) It is a great boost for the beginning of a new week!

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