Monday, February 9, 2009

Model Behaviour

This collage is called, "Model Behaviour". I made it in response to the Artist's Happiness Challenge course I am taking. The challenge for this week: create two pieces of art: one that shows negativity and one that shows positive energy. The lesson this week was called, "Vinegar and Honey" referring to names for negative and positive emotions, respectively.

So this is my "vinegar" collage, if you will. I'm working on a series of collages around a fashion theme for the Baker's Dozen collage exchange. This is the prototype for one that I have in mind. It shows a model in silhouette whose perfection is always on her mind. People are watching her, she's always got to be perfect and she's backed into a wall here.

I like working with the silhouettes for many reasons; mainly because I can't draw. I'll post my "honey" image when I finish with it. By the way, the brick in the background is one of the many cool images I found at this fantastic site. It has tons of free Photoshop brushes for download. Here is the link:

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