Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm finding myself having to make a few decisions. Some health problems have come up and now they loom overhead like vultures. I hate hospitals and doctor visits. That's ironic since I worked in a hospital lab for years analyzing blood. I guess it's different when you're not the patient. ;)

Today I'm trying to stay busy tidying up my studio space. Ooh, it's gotten out of control again. Part of this activity is avoiding the latest assignment in the painting course I'm taking. It's a challenging assignment and I'm frustrated that I can't figure out what to do with it. I think my mind is just too full right now. So cleaning is always something that can be busy work and productive at the same time. After I exhaust myself with that, I think I'll just take a nice hot bath and relax with my iPod. Music seems to always take me to a nice place! :)

Oh, speaking of that, I made the mistake of checking out iTunes yesterday. I discovered so many new (to me) bands and songs... so my iPod is full of new music now. They are so sneaky how they entice you. After you download a song you like, then they suggest other bands you might like. They get me every time. ;)

At least Fall has returned. A lot of people were excited that the warm temperatures were back this week. But I love the cool weather. It's soothing to me. I like the crisp air blowing, the leaves's my favorite time of year. The yard is full of leaves now and even the deck is full of them so maybe I'll go out and rake for awhile. Anyway, Sundays are good for reflecting...that's what I'm doing today.


Lori Saul said...

I love how this whole piece is reflective. The unseen parts are as expressive as the seen. The mime essence of the figure speaks with out words and the ink blots and drips add to the whimsy of the piece. Love this Pam - do hope you are all right and take time for yourself. Wonderful art!

Anonymous said...

seems we both have been in a reflective state as of late. Fall is my fav time of yr as well...I find long walks in the crispness of the night air helps clear my head, the sound of the leaves under foot help me realize I'm alive. I am sending good thoughts your way my friend. I hope all turns out well.

cheers my friend

Pam Tucker said...

Lori: I always love to hear your thoughts on an art piece. Thank you for your insight! Thanks for the well wishes to. :)

David: YES! Long walks and the crispness of the air...I'm with you on that. I'll have to try a night walk. Thank you for your good thoughts. Hugs to you. ;)

Junibears said...

Reflective is just the right word dear Pam. And I love all the little birdies.Absolutely beautiful.
I hope your health problems can soon be resolved, Thinking of you. Hugs xx

William said...

This work speaks volumes even through what isn't there. The composition is gorgeous. Wow! I love the drips of paint raining down.

It seems like all of us are facing so many health issues. How does that phrase go? Something like "Growing old isn't for the weak." It's so good to have friends so we can share our prayers and thoughts of strength.

Pam Tucker said...

June: Thanks so much for your support and thoughts! They mean the world to me. :)

Bill: Thank YOU! I've been trying to brush up on my digital skills.
Didn't someone once say something like "growing old isn't for wimps?" LOL! Oh, let's just move to Zettiland where we don't have to worry about such things! ;)

Sunny Lee said...

Love the painting..and with the title 'reflecting' makes it even better. Hope you get well soon as well and make more wonderful paintings..

Lisa Fitzgibbon said...

I saw your work on Stampington and wondered if you were the same Pam who I "know" from DW, Your work is very evocative, I LOVE it!
I too have various health issues and turn to art as en escape and outlet.
I'm new to this journey of digital art, but it feels like home.
Hope you feel ok and on to better days!

Pam Tucker said...

Hi Lisa! Yes, I am the same Pam. ;) So glad you stopped by! I sent you a message on DW just now to confirm. Thank you for the shout out about Stampington, too! ;)

Ricardo Pereira said...

What a very elegant piece of artwork.
Also appreciate the descriptions provided along the artworks. But I am having a difficulty is distinguish whenever they are related to the artwork, or related to your spiritual state! I guess the artworks themselves do represent that current spiritual states?

Nevertheless. Your art is very personal I can notice that. And I like the style. Keep it up!

Greetings from Portugal!

Pam Tucker said...

Hello Ricardo. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I guess my comments relate to the artwork and my spiritual state as well. :) Thank you for visiting all the way from Portugal. I visited your blog and LOVE your artwork. So much to see and all beautiful! I am already a follower! :)