Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where I Hide

This is a digital piece I did this morning. It may seem sad but it's really not to me. Again, I was inspired by another poem of Matthew Zapruder's called, "The Artist Must Incline His Head Just So". The complete verse I quote from this piece reads:

"There is of course the question of fate,
and whether it can be angered.
Example: when not overpowered by grief
there are proper and improper ways to mourn.
In such cases my gestures are shadows
cast far from myself..."

I call this piece, "Where I Hide" because I tend to retreat into this dark area of myself when I want to think or just be alone. I like to put the ear buds in, crank up the music on the iPod and just let my imagination go. I've been getting a lot of ideas for this darker art lately. I like it and that's where my mind wants to be right now.

When I first read the complete poem it just took my breath away. So many of the verses struck a chord with me. Another one: "...Some art may be good, some dishonest." and another: "...My lack of compassion astounds me, and must not come to know itself." I've said before how much I love the poetry of Matthew Zapruder. I love it more every time I read it.

It's funny how the poetry I'm reading lately has fallen right along with my dark theme. Or maybe it's just that the poems I notice are those with this theme. Regardless, I'm loving the synchronicity. It just feeds the creative cycle.

I look at this piece and I feel like the fairy. I'm in a dark place but there's this swirling pool of mystery. I think I'll just jump in and see where it takes me...


Anonymous said...

I am with you!!!

Lori Saul said...

Beautiful inspiration and mood in this piece!

Jackie said...

I love your dark side :) and the fairy doesn't look afraid at all.I always love your pieces they have mystery in them and I LOVE poetry. I will have to check out his poetry .
Thank you for encouraging me . I am trying to draw more and learning to "see" a little better .

Junibears said...

Amazing art Pam. Gorgeous!

William said...

Oh dear. The eyes behind the lightning are giving me the creeps! I'm glad we've got all these dogs here tonight!

Kerri said...

love that- and it doesn't seem sad to me. i relate to it very much!

thx for visiting my blog this week!