Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Hauntings

OK, I admit I'm in the ghoulish mood. It could be because most of the art sites I belong to are issuing "haunted" challenges. So I thought I'd take care of two of these in one post. The top one is from my friend Kimmie's Ning site at Digital Whisper. This week's challenge was the theme spooky and we were given just the image of the graveyard in muted tones. I lightened it up a little, added some blues, purples and greens, which I liked much better. Then I found my ghostly images in my archives. These were regular photos that I changed using the Invert command. Love the look of them!

This last one I made today just because...just because! I was still in the mood to create something dark. There are so many different images layered onto this one that I lost count. After looking at it awhile I called it "Atonement":

I am trying to learn the gradient map tool in Photoshop (with limited success). I still can't get the effects I want even following the directions in the tutorials! Experiments are fun, though, because you end up with things like this! ;) I like the colors and effects I ended up with here. Next time I need to write them down so I'll remember how to duplicate them.

I made three new sheets of fabric paper today and have now beaded 18 squares for my wall hanging. I won't tell you how many squares I figured that I need for that thing. Hint: over 100. Meanwhile I crank out the sheets, decorate them, cut them and bead them...the beat goes on. Will post some of my prettiest squares soon.

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