Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Treat and a Tute

Today's wishcasting question from Jamie was "What treat do you wish for?" Well, I wish I could learn some new effects in Photoshop. I love the possibilities for printing out my art onto fabric, canvas, etc. and embellishing it even more. But I want to learn some new techniques and not have to spend ANY money. That would be a super treat for me.

Today I found just the tutorial. It was free and it was from an amazing artist. It's so nice to see artists who share their work freely in hopes that you'll learn something. Often, they won't even ask for a link back or a mention. I always try to mention where I learned something so I can keep passing on what the artist is teaching.

This tutorial was from Pareerica (Flickr name). It's called the Manga Doll Tutorial. I LOVE that look of the big eyes, the exaggerated features of the face. It's sort of creepy-cool and right now I really love the possibilities that this look can bring.

I made the piece at the top of the page for this week's challenge at Digital Whisper. The challenge was to use the raven in a piece. I call mine Black Magic. The witchy woman started out as a mannequin. I found her at Fontplaydotcom's Flickr site. Here is how the lady at the top of the page started out:

How cool is that?! The manga doll tutorial took a little practice but this was my first attempt. I really like how she turned out.

Rubyblossom is another fantastic artist who has tons of free images, backgrounds, etc. for you to use in your art. She does ask for a link back to her site, but who wouldn't give credit to such a generous spirit? So check out her albums. They are pure eye candy.

So, yes, I felt like a kid getting a special treat today when I happened upon these sites. Wishes really do come true! ;)

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