Monday, October 26, 2009

Saying Yes To...

On Jamie Ridler's website she has a wonderful weekly feature that she calls Wishcasting Wednesday. The idea is you respond to her prompt on your blog and then place your blog's link in the comment section of her blog. People then read what you wish for and leave you a comment that says, "As (your name) wishes for herself, so I wish for her too." How cool is that?

The topic for this week was "What do you wish to say yes to?" That's a great one! After a very tough week physically and emotionally, I thought I'd reply here. So, I wish to say yes to...

Taking better care of myself
Not giving my energy to negative people
Having more compassion for those I don't understand
Showing my friends how much they mean to me
Supporting my family more with positive thoughts and actions
Healing my heart

What a great exercise to participate in. Jamie has a fantastic website full of inspiration. While I'm not one to join a lot of challenges publicly, I do enjoy participating in them. This one, in particular, struck home for me. By the way, do you know what the last week's subject was? "What do you wish to let go?" Considering my recent post on that very subject, I'd say that's just another example of serendipity at work again!

My aunt passed away Friday. She was my Dad's youngest sister. She had led a very hard life and made some bad choices along the way. She hadn't really kept in touch with the family much but Dad always seemed to keep tabs on her. During the last few years she had reconciled with her daughter who was able to arrange for her care. I'm sure she was thankful for the love and forgiveness her daughter gave to her in her final years.

When Dad told me she had died I just thought about how even those whom we don't understand need to know they can always come home. I hope my own siblings always feel they can come to me for anything. I plan to make that very clear to them immediately! :)

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Jackie said...

As pam wishes so I wish for her also ;)
I am sorry about your aunt and its true death always seems to put things into prospective. you are in my thoughts.
ps.. and catchpa wants me to type demon to leave this comment .. spooky..