Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sketching The Goddess

This is the sketch I think I'll use for my Goddess and Poet workshop. I've been busy with the first lesson doing the exercises and playing with faces. I may tweak her a little before cutting her out and putting her on wood but she is my favorite face so far. With only one lesson behind me I have to say I LOVE this workshop even more than Petite Dolls (which was awesome). So much information that Suzi shares, her fun videos, all of it ... heaven!

I also watched all of the videos for the faux encaustics class over at Creative Workshops. A wonderful project this is going to be! Jodi Ohl is a fabulous teacher and her technique looks so cool! I have four canvasses gessoed and am now mulling over a theme and color choices. She uses the theme of the four seasons but I've worked with that theme in the skinny books I finished this past fall and winter so I want to pick something else. So, need to settle on something and get going.

Do you ever have something that just completely slips your mind? I'm finding that happens more and more lately... hmm. Just a lot going on, I guess. Anyway, I realized that I have a few swaps that I've signed up for and was really interested in doing and now they are coming due. One that I have to start (and finish) today is a Venetian mask swap. It's a mini-mask that will fit onto an ATC. I have my materials (Yay! My Stewart Gill paints arrived!!) and will post what I do when finished. I only have to make two masks and adhere each one to an ATC so that's pretty manageable. I've also got a chunky book (house theme) that needs to get underway, an artist pin swap and finally for fall a homemade art journal swap. So lots of projects in the works.

I've been fighting my migraine clusters again and haven't felt like doing a whole lot lately but maybe today I'll have a headache-free day!

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