Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jazz Baby: Finished!

I finished applying the beeswax to my painting and I LOVE the effect! It adds a dreamy, gauzy look to the piece and definitely gives it more depth. I admit I was afraid to work with the beeswax, thinking it might mess up all the hard work I've put into this piece so far. But after trying Suzi's technique I'll definitely be using it in more of my art. If you click on each photo you'll get a better look at the texture.

In Suzi's technique you don't need a small crockpot to melt your beeswax. You just take the bar of wax and a small quilting iron, hold the iron to the wax directly over where you want the wax to drip and then smooth the drips out with the iron. That way, you control where the wax goes and how much of it you want to add. So easy!

I especially like how it made her face look soft and creamy. Beautiful effect. That was one benefit of really layering on the wax pencils when we colored the doll's face. The wax base blended perfectly with the hot wax when added! Here is another view that shows more of the texture and detail of the wax:

Just for comparison, I put up this "before" photo from the last post. If you compare the two you'll be able to see the difference. So much fun!

Now I'm gearing up to do more of these with some faces I've got prepared. I'm also looking forward to Suzi's new class called, The Goddess and The Poet which starts July 15. This class teaches more lifelike portrait drawing and we will add a little poetry to the mix and see what happens.

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