Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love Song

This is an art journal page I did in response to the prompt "favorite musical instrument". I chose the saxophone. I don't play any musical instruments but I've always loved jazz music and the sax. This was great timing for this prompt (It's part of the Journal Journey group at Roses on My Table.Ning). Hubby and I celebrated our 20 year wedding anniversary on October 13 and we met at a Jazz/Wine Festival.

This version of the page has some digital enhancements. I added some digital brushes (paint splatters) and the frames around the edges. I especially liked the one paint splatter that looks like a heart. The rest is all the original hand-made page. I tried drawing a saxophone but it was not pretty so I glued a photo of one onto the little jazz guy that I sketched.

It's been a wild 20 years. We've had some great times, been through some sad times but have come through it all. Here's to many, many more years together!


Jackie said...

Happy 20th Anniversary !!
I guess since you are writing this post it means you survived the torch ? LOL .
I think your work with en-caustics is wonderful and I cannot wait to see your progress .
I love that digital piece . So Magical!!
Thank you for always inspiring and supporting me:)

William said...

Yay! Congratulations on 20 years! My wife and I hit 30 this year. We always have to take the rough with the good. I love your journal page. The sax is my favorite woodwind instrument. Our youngest daughter took sax lessons in school, but once she graduated and met her husband-to-be, she switched to bass guitar. Go figure!