Friday, October 1, 2010


This is how I feel this week. Like the girl in the photo (not me). Looking out over the water... thinking... listening. I'm just a little frustrated. I've been working with my encaustics the last couple of days. I love them, I do. I just wish I were more experienced with them.

You know how you get an idea of how you want something to look? Well, I've got quite a few of those ideas in my head. But when I went to actually translate some of those ideas onto wood...I did NOT end up in my happy place! So I have three canvas panels sitting in my studio in different states of ... I don't know what. So I'm letting them rest and then I'll just listen to what they have to say to me tomorrow.

I knew I was at a stopping point today when I just started laughing. I remembered, of all things, a video that Gary Reef had posted on his Ning site a while back. He must have been having one of these days but he was handling it much better than me. He is such a great inspiration and SO funny! Anyway, he was talking about his day and then out of the blue he said something to the effect that after working all day and trying to make things fit and then re-trying to paint over things, blah blah blah...what he finally ended up with was something that looked like a big pile of doggy doo doo. Then he just laughed it off.

Well I was getting dangerously close to the doggy doo doo look and encaustic wax is not cheap so I decided to turn off the hot plate and do something productive like laundry. But I've been thinking about ways to salvage those three canvases. Of course there is always the last resort: paint the whole thing titanium white and then scrape back and see what colors show through. And that may still be my best option. I'll see what my morning walk in the cool weather with the loud music blaring in my ear buds does for my Muse.

By the way, this digital piece was made with elements from a kit called Poet's Keepsakes by Lorie Davison at Scrapbook Graphics.With a name like that I had to grab it up. It's a pretty amazing kit and at least I could do something creative today that did take me to my happy place!


Junibears said...

We all have days like that Pam! I had to laugh at your doggy doo-doo.
I love the Listening picture you did. Beautiful. Of course I looked up the Poets Keepsakes collection and I thought it looked lovely too so I have just bought it.
Love and Hugs
June xx

Lori Saul said...

Love your digital piece (you always have great links to resources too- thanks). When I have trouble with different art pieces (including digital) I always have to walk away and let the pieces 'rest'. I almost always go for a long meditative walk or some other activity (ususally physical) to get me back on my path. I get very closed in as maybe you do with the work and sometimes just can't get past some points. When you come back to the work it ususally looks so much better. I love your encaustic work - it is so fascinating to me. Have a restful fall weekend my friend and thanks always for your lovely comments on my blog!

William said...

Don't despair. I wish I had all of your knowledge! I bet by walking away and going back later you are going to come up with a masterpiece. Your work always beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Big Hug!!!

Sherry said...

Hi Pam ~
had to laugh as I've made doo-doo many many times.
I sure wish we could get together to play with wax - I don't know anyone here who does it so I'm floundering on my own.
Guess it's time to buy more books. Oh - the DVD you mentioned.