Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out Of Synch

I drew this face today after working on some other projects that need drying time (something I have no patience for). I am trying to stick with my sketchbook habit everyday. But today I did something different. I knew I wanted to either paint or use oil sticks, so I decided to draw the face on watercolor paper. That way I would be able to use wet media on it without the paper curling up on me.

The top photo is the painting scanned into Photoshop and then manipulated digitally. I mainly used elements from Studio Gypsy's Junk Hound Kit at Scrapbook I love all the grunge. That's the mood I've been in lately: grungy, dirty looking art. The messier, the better.
Here is the painting:

It's 5" x 7" pencil, watercolor and gouache on hot press watercolor paper. I don't know why I vacillate between (trying to draw) realistic and stylized faces. I can't decide which I'd rather do. Today, I like my long neck girls again. So that's what I drew.

It seems like my Muse is all over the place lately. Up and down, flighty, wanting to do one thing and then changing her mind and wanting to do something I have about four projects in progress right now. Experimental pieces, encaustic pieces, and some jewelry pieces. Maybe I have split personalities...hmmm...better keep that to myself. ;)

So, lots of things in the works and feeling kind of out of synch. But I'm excited about what I'm seeing. Does that make sense? I guess there's a method to the madness. Right now there's more of a madness than a method, but we'll get there. I'll share what I have soon. There are some cool things taking shape.

One bright spot: I'm taking Kelly Rae Roberts' online course that starts May 31. I put a button up on my sidebar. If you click on it you can read all about it. The course looks to be pretty exciting. I've already seen some familiar faces in the welcome introductions. This is going to be a fun time! I'm definitely looking forward to what I'll learn from her.

That's all for today. Have a safe and fun Holiday weekend. I hope to have some new art to show soon!

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Bill C. said...

Her expression is perfect for portraying out of synch!