Monday, May 3, 2010

Dreams and Songs

I've been practicing my drawing every night! Monica's classes have gotten me inspired to really stick with what I enjoy: drawing and painting/coloring faces and then using them in my art. So every night while hubby and I share our evening either listening to music or watching TV, I have my sketchbook out and draw.

I want to learn how to paint them with acrylics. Monica teaches that, too, and that's my next step. These faces have been colored with pencils: colored pencils, ink pencils, charcoal pencils, and colored graphite (a new find!) pencils. I like the soft look of them and now I want to try painting on canvas.

These are two digital layouts I put together using a couple of my latest faces. I think of these two as the sisters because they ended up looking similar. The top photo I call "Muse Song". She just looked inspiring and the song she chants is "Believe". The second photo is called "Dream Weaver". She's the one who is bringing me such vivid dreams lately: all of them inspiring and full of hope!

The Midsummer Night's Dream elements came from Tangi Baxter's "Midsummer Night's Dream" kit at Scrapbook Graphics. She is an awesome designer and I love her kits.

I'm also working hard on my Extreme Visual Journaling class with Juliana Coles. This is a totally different kind of journaling and she explains her philosophy on her website. You aren't concerned with making "pretty" journal pages. Rather, you are after what's in your soul. I like that! It forces you to deal with the issues deep inside you at your core. I'm loving, loving this class! My pages are raw and not my usual style. But I like what she says: pretty art is for your art books. This is your life! So, when I'm brave enough, I'll post a page from my journal. ;)

That's it for now. I've just received the info from Monica's class "In My Garden". Now I must go practice painting!


Sherry said...

your faces are beautiful
will we be seeing them in some of your encaustic pieces?

Michele said...

I haven't read the post yet, because I'm too excited about your new blog look! So awesome!! Your artwork looks so darn cool I just love how you decorated! I need to hire you to do mine now... :)

Michele said...

Okay read the post now, and saw your beautiful girls. They are really lovely, and I'm loving the eyes on the Believe girl.

You are so inspiring with all that you do, makes me wanna finish my class from Monica! I can't believe I never did. :)