Friday, September 4, 2009


This is my latest sketch. I told myself I wouldn't make any more until I painted the ones I have mounted on wood first. But my Muse didn't listen and I started this one yesterday. So now there are three mounted on wood waiting to be painted.

I like this color palette. I can't take credit for the poppies (aren't they gorgeous?) I got them from Scrapbook from their Labor Day kit. There are some awesome digital scrapbook kits out there that make gorgeous backgrounds for digital art. I don't scrapbook but I love the papers, embellishments, etc. that they have. This paper was just the plain peach color with the poppies. I had to add some overlays and brushes but I loved the soft color of the peach and the contrast with the poppies.

I wasn't sure what to do with her after I looked at the raw sketch. I just stared at her for awhile and I thought she looked like she was waiting on something...or someone. A secret meeting? A rendezvous, that was it. Scanning the sketches into Photoshop does open up a lot of possibilities. We'll see where she goes when the real painting begins.

I also told myself I wouldn't sign up for any more classes until I finished the ones I am taking. Wrong again. Suzi Blu has a new Petite Dolls workshop starting Saturday: Petite Marie (Antoinette). I wasn't going to sign up for it at first but then I saw Suzi's painting. Now I have to do it. My obsession with faces and fashion keeps growing. I had so many ideas of things I want to try with these paintings that I woke up twice last night to write them in my bedside notebook so I wouldn't forget them.

Ooh, speaking of classes. Suzi also has a Petite workshop coming that has something to do with Tarot. I'm already planning for that one without even seeing what she's going to do. And I think there's one that has to do with the circus. And then there's the Goddess & Poet 2 in December. I may as well just get a permanent spot in her little school! Plus, Monica's class should have the next lesson up today or tomorrow. I hope it will be about the mouth. I seem to keep drawing the same mouth; I want to learn different looks. So I'm looking forward to that lesson.

I did finish the art pin and I really liked it. I'll post it next time. Now I need to try and get some sleep. But I do have my notebook right beside me just in case...

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Jackie said...

OHHH, she's lovely as usual. Oh I am the same way about classes. I have so many on my plate and want more. I am in the goddess and poet class now. I am off to check out some of suzis other ones. aren't we lucky to have wondeful teachers on the internet. I am just learning. Can i pick your brain sometime ? ask you a few questions?
Love love love your work