Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Falling

This is how I have been feeling lately: like I'm falling, falling, falling... I have had an inner ear infection for the past week or so and it is really playing havoc with my balance. I'm okay as long as I don't move my head... not so fun.

I've tried to paint without much success. I resorted to sitting in my chair and painting with the canvas on the tabletop. It's not ideal but I did manage to finish the latest class painting from Jared Knight. I am always amazed at how I can follow along with him each step of the painting and use the exact colors he's using yet end up with different hues and a totally different look.

Yes, he is an experienced, wonderful artist! He's painted all his life and I love his work. I'm a newbie. He says that you learn to paint by ... painting! So I stuck it out. First I'll show you his painting. This is what the latest class taught you to paint (or, at least, your version of it):

I love his colors and his knife work! I still struggle with the knife but am working on a few different tips he gave in this class. I love his shades and blue. His is size 18 x 36. Now, here's my version:

First off: there were NO 18 x 36 canvasses at all in town. Aaarrghhh! I tried every store. So I had to use 24 x 36. Maybe it was the dizziness but this one reminds me of outer space, looking out through the window of a spaceship. :) It also makes me dizzy just looking at it so I'm starting the paintover on it today. I thought I would post it now because it's not going to last.

I like the blues in his a lot better but I'll keep some of the deeper blues in this one. I'll show you the paintover when I finish (if it's worth showing). I just know that I can't look at this one without getting dizzy so it has to go.

He says to substitute the colors you like for what he's doing and that may be my strategy. My colors tend to be more toward purples, violets, pinks, etc. (see top photo). So, along those lines maybe something more pleasing to me will emerge. And hopefully I'll be able to stand up and move around while I paint....without free falling to the ground!


Jackie said...

sorry to hear about your ear . Hope you will regain balance soon. Oh , You won the workshops on hands and heart :) you lucky thing!
As always , I love your work .ohh and jared has the prettiest eyes,You gotta love that, a "HOT" art teacher;)

Michele said...

Oooh yuck, I'm so sorry to hear about your ear issue. I've dealt with balance problems for 14 years, so I know how horrible that can be. Hope you get better very soon!!

Both paintings are wonderful, but I just love the free falling one. It's such a beautifully created piece for such a yucky feeling. :) Love the fairy and the twinkly stars and the colors!

I can't wait to see what you do with the second piece. This version does look like outer space, which I think is very cool (I love the bits of gold in it), but I understand wanting to paint over it if it makes feel dizzy.

I have a painting that makes me nauseous, since I painted it the day I got food poisoning. That was years ago, and I still want to paint over it, but my hubby won't let me, he likes it. Needless to say it's not hanging up. :O

btw every time I try to follow someones else's work (tutorials) mine always end up totally different too. Not sure why as I used the same stuff and colors as they did, but it always comes out that way. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Both are very wonderful! I miss our chats...hope you feel better soon! Remember painting is will always find yourself in your painting. "Refection of you!"

Lori Saul said...

These are wondrous ,moving art works- so fluid and dreamlike! They create a sense of peace for me. Hope your inner ear problem heals soon!