Monday, April 20, 2015

New Studio Assistants

This is Pip. She loves to live in her own little fantasy world and she insisted I photograph her with all her favorite books. ;)  I'm not sure why there is a green tint at the bottom of the photo. It should be all white... :/

I am taking a wonderful "dolls for big girls" class from Judy Wise. We are having a blast creating these little people. As someone who absolutely LOVED playing with dolls when I was a little girl, I am definitely re-discovering my inner child.

And one more to add to the comic relief today:

This is Trixie. She loves to play in her art journal. I had to make a little one for her, complete with paintbrush.

These two have front row seats at my art table and both offer suggestions while I try to make my own art. I'm not sure how much help they'll be but I'll allow them to stay if they can get along. Stay tuned...


Valerie-Jael said...

Your dolls are gorgeous, and I love the idea of a 'dolls for big girls' class. It looks like you had big fun making them, well done on these two lovely creatures! Hugs, Valerie

Fuzzie Fingers said...

They are so cute!

GlorV1 said...

Love your dolls!