Saturday, May 12, 2012

hAPPy Sketching

I've been spending a lot of time in my sketchbook lately.
Lots of faces popping up but that's nothing new.  ;-)
I'm taking Mindy Lacefield's class, Paint Your Story. 
Lots of Fun! I always wondered how she painted those faces!
We create our own little characters. Right up my alley...

Of course, eventually I'll have to give them bodies. *sigh*
Notice my ever-present helper at my feet!
So, while sketching I get distracted. 
I started playing with my new phone. And apps...
Camera apps!
Cartoon apps sounded like fun.

And another shot of the room...

Then a sketch app... 

Ha! a sketch of a sketch...  ;-)

Maybe one of my helper?

Enough of this. Time for a break. Here's one of my little sketch area...

Now it's time to get back to real sketching and some painting. 
It's been a silly Saturday...
Now my friend would like to say goodbye.

Have a great weekend everybody!


craftattack said...

Glad you and your little furry friend are having fun together! Hugs, Valerie

Netty said...

smashing post Pam, Annette x

Pearson Report said...

Hi Pam - thanks to you I'm now wearing an ear to ear smile...just what I needed.

What a lovely post and very interesting too! Distractions lead to wonderful clearly evident here.

Have fun with your new phone and apps!

Cheers, Jenny