Saturday, August 13, 2011


If She Only Had One Minute
by Kay Ryan

What would she put in it?
She wouldn't put
she thinks; she would take,
suck it up
like a deep lake --
bloat indiscriminate
on her last instant --
feast on everything she
had released, dismissed, or
pushed away; she would make
room and room as though
her whole life of resistance
had been for this one purpose:
on the last minute of the last day
she would drink and have it; ballooning
like a gravid salmon or the moon.

Another of my favorite poems of Kay Ryan's. *sigh* This is a mixed media piece I did a while back. I'm still digging through some of my older pieces looking for inspiration. I expect that with the coming Fall things will pick up. I am already beginning to feel the stir of excitement in anticipation of the new season. That's when I begin to come alive artistically. For now, I'm just being a little quiet; taking it all in.  ;-)


Magaly Guerrero said...

Lovely; it looks like a book cover.

craftattack said...

Beautiful poem and painting, makes me want to take a deep, deep breath and start through! Hugs, Valerie

Netty said...

Such a wonderful painting and poem. Thank you for sharing Pam, Annette x

Anonymous said...

as always Puck, you steal my breath :)

Bill said...

First of all, you better stop stealing David's breath. One of these days he's going to drop dead! Love this work even if it is an older piece. A perfect piece and perfect poem for reflection. The coming of fall makes me feel nostalgic and also a little bit scared. I do not like winter, and it is fast on the heels of fall.

Christine Krauss said...

Thought provoking and serene. I feel like it's me looking for answers. Lovely piece Pam no matter when it was done. Just heavenly. xxx

Yvonne said...

Love the words with the painting. I've been wanting to put my watercolors and my 'stones' together like that. thanks for the inspitation.

mice_aliling said...

i am trying to pick up inspiration, too...although it is not translating to painting but something else :) i hope you enjoyed your weekend. :)

Risa said...

That is so beautiful... so deep. I really love it.

Carola Bartz said...

Those colors - oh, so beautiful.
It all reminds me of the Prater in Vienna.

Lesley said...

What a beautiful piece of art. It fits the poem so well.

Anonymous said...
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Martin (starwatcher521) said...

Very much like autumn but perfused by an eternal, timeless light. And how golden it is shining! I'm happy that you didn't hide it in the archives.

Sue said...

This nostalgic artwork is wonderful, and the poem goes so well with it! I'm glad I found your great blog with such inspiring work!