Monday, May 16, 2011

Finding My Way

I want to thank ALL OF YOU for your comments from my last post. They really meant a lot to me and I appreciate all of you taking the time to leave such encouraging thoughts. Things are starting to look up.

I spent the weekend de-cluttering my art room. Once again I've gotten it so that I can barely walk in there. Every time this happens I get visions of those TV shows about hoarders. It's not quite that bad but I can see how it happens to people. Anyway, there is another reason I needed to clear some space besides my fear of becoming a hoarder. While on my trip I got a nice, BIG painting easel! It was too big to fit into the car when I bought it at the store (bummer!) so they had to ship it to me. It arrived the day before I got home. Hubby lugged it upstairs and assembled it for me.

So now I can really get busy! And that is just what I plan to do.  ;)


Martin (starwatcher521) said...

Lovely painting and quote!

Anonymous said...

love you Puck<3

Netty said...

Beautiful painting Pam and have fun with your new easel.....sounds great. Annette x

craftattack said...

Great painting. And I thought I was the only one hoarding all those things that I might be able to use some day....Valerie

Lynette said...

Love your textures. Enjoy your easel!

Bill said...

I personally see nothing wrong with being a hoarder. Well, as long as it's stuff you can use in your art. You just never know what you may need next. Congratulations on the easel! That means you are a real artist now. I only have a table top one.

Christine Krauss said...

Such happy news about the new painting easel Pam and I love the white hair against this gorgeous background you've done! Striking and beautiful! I look forward to seeing your new works created on your new easel! Happy days! :0)))) Huge hugs! xxx

Pearson Report said...

De-cluttering is a wonderful feeling and sets the universe right!

I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of this new and "too big for your car" easel - if you can manage to tear yourself away from it long enough to humour my silly curiosity.

My grandpa was a huge painter from Austria - I only visited him once as a kid and was so impressed because he had this huge easel - mind you, I did say I was a kid, so all things being relative, it could have been small!

Anyway, there's a wonderful light upbeat tone I'm picking up in your post and that means wonderful creations will be in the offerings soon! Right!

Happy brush strokes, with a side of smiles,

EVA said...

So happy to hear things are looking up!!

Lovely painting! I so know what you mean about clutter. I am on the verge of out of control again myself. (Did you take before and after shots?) Looking forward to seeing what you do with the/on easel!

art2cee2 said...

I love your paintings with the quotes added! Glad you organized your art room. Mine is similar. I have it all organized but I still can never find what I need when I need it without totally rearranging everything. Guess I need a better system. Glad things are working out better for you. :-)

Pam Tucker said...

Martin: Thank you! And I'm so glad to see you back writing your beautiful poetry! :)

David: *sigh* Thank you! :)

Netty: Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments, Netty! :)

Valerie: Thank you! Oh you are definitely not alone on the hoarding! I didn't mention that I have other rooms full of things, did I? ;)

Lynette: Thank you! I am getting used to the easel. Have only bumped into it a couple of times. ;)

Bill: Ha! You have been artist since I met you! Easel or no easel... ;)

Christine: Thank you! I'm having some fun with it! And I'm looking forward to YOUR next venture too! ;)

Jenny: Yes, at least one room is now workable. ;) And I promise a photo of the easel in the next post (before I get it all splattered with paint).

That's so cool about your grandpa! Wow! No artists in my family.

Thank you so much for your support, Jenny. It has really helped me and means A LOT!

Eva: Thank you! Things are beginning to look up.

No I didn't take before/after photos. Even I don't want to see that again. LOL! ;)

Crystal: Thank you! Yes, even when "clean" I still can't remember where some things are. So I guess I need a better system for organization, too! ;)

Sherry said...

I really like her white hair against the pink background. Very nice.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

HUgs and sparkles..shine on my friend! beautiful art...and congrats on the easel..!