Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thread: Journal Page

The Thread

Something is very gently,
invisibly, silently,
pulling at me - a thread
or net of threads
finer than cobweb and as
elastic. I haven't tried
the strength of it. No barbed hook
pierced and tore me. Was it
not long ago this thread
began to draw me? Or
way back? Was I
born with its knot about my
neck, a bridle? Not fear
but a stirring
of wonder makes me
catch my breath when I feel
the tug of it when I thought
it had loosened itself and gone.
-- Denise Levertov


Anonymous said...

I think your work as of late reflects a change...something deep inside you trying to get, not sure if it is wise to let it out or keep it caged...

I'm probably way off, but its how my eye sees it.

big hugs

Gloria said...

Interesting, very interesting. Art...that's what it is...Keeps tugging at you so that you cut loose. Great colors and that string is just there waiting for you to keep tugging at it. Very nice, I really liked it a lot. Have a great Sunday.

Martin (starwatcher521) said...

These colours on the wall - as I see it - remind me of the Martian surface. I even see the craters on the "eastern" side. So there is some mystery in it, an undiscovered planet. Furthermore - aren't there again feathers of a bird emerging from the loop of the thread? - Whatever was your intention - your works are inspiring!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Pam...gorgeous!...beautiful and powerful...and the poem was wonderful alongside the piece..! Shine on..brilliant work! LOved this!!

Lori Saul said...

A great poem so perfectly fulfilled by this wonderful journal page. The thread, the central focal point has real expression - a life of its own and the power to pull together or fall apart. Wow- love this!

Jilda said...

the words and art, so well matched...
so glad to visit!

Pam Tucker said...

David: Very perceptive, as always, my friend... ;) Big Hug!

Gloria: Yes! Hopefully if I keep tugging, the art will eventually cut loose! Thank you! :)

Martin: Thank you! And great eye! I like to include feathers or wings in a piece somewhere if I can. :)

Victoria: Thank you, my dear friend! Hugs! Poetry has really been speaking to me lately. ;)

Lori: Thank you! I really like spending more time with the journal now. More freedom to experiment! ;)

Jilda: Hello! Thank you for the visit and the comment! I was very happy to have found YOUR blog! :)

Bill said...

As usual, very thought provoking. It's wonderful! I was thinking about you last night. I was reading about CitraSolv (sp?) last night, and clicked on a link to the site that has all of your pictures. They are so beautiful. I still have to break down and buy some. Maybe I should tie a string around my finger to remind me.

Pam Tucker said...

Bill: Thank you! I know when you DO get some CitraSolv that you will LOVE the results. Then you'll have all those finished pages to play with! :)

Pat Tillett said...

Very good Pam! Love the colors, shapes and of course, the thread!

Pam Tucker said...

Hi Pat! Oh, it's good to hear from you. And thank you!! :)

Yagmur Gunel said...

great composition and colours are right great work