Saturday, February 27, 2010

Encaustic: My New Adventure!

After much anticipation, I finally received my encaustic kit! Yay!! However, there were a couple of things missing. :( The kit is shipped directly from the manufacturer so sometimes that will happen. Happy to say that DickBlick made it all okay and is sending the missing parts: the encaustic medium and one more paint color. But in the meantime, I can still play.

Here is the basic setup that you receive (minus the brushes). You also receive the book, "The Art of Encaustic Painting" by Joanne Mattera. That will be a big help. This morning I stopped by the library and picked up a couple of other books on encaustic techniques so I'll have lots of things to try; at least those that don't require the encaustic medium, anyway.

On another note, here are a couple of the latest digital pieces I made using more CitraSolv backgrounds merged together in Photoshop. I am wanting to incorporate these backgrounds into my encaustic pieces as collage material. I know I'll need the encaustic medium for that, so that experiment will have to wait until the medium arrives in the mail.

This first piece is called, "The Road Home". I am wanting to make a similar piece in encaustic:

This next one is called "Tunnel Vision". You may remember the man from one of my very first CitraSolv papers. I told you I'd be using him in my art! ;)

So I'm off to play. I'll check back in a few days with my progress. I've also ordered more colors of the encaustic paint. They have some yummy colors out there! I'll experiment with mixing what I have here and see what I can come up with.


Jackie said...

I love it and I love The Road Home:) The other one is great too. I know you will have fun with this .I am routing for you , can't wait to see what you create.

Michele said...

You crack me up. You are always trying something that I want to try, but you get there first. :)

Good luck with your new toys! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

I love the two new pieces too. You are hitting my color buttons big time. The road home is just delightful! I want to live there. :)