Saturday, June 20, 2009

Les Petit Dolls: A Suzi Blu Workshop!

OK, here's what I've been up to. I found out about this awesome drawing class being taught by one of my favorite artists: Suzi Blu (see side panel for link). The class is called "Les Petit Dolls" and you learn how to draw these cute little dolls. Well, you all know I LOVE dolls of any kind: painted, stuffed, sewn, clay, etc. so I thought how cool this would be! She teaches how to draw her kind of dolls which are whimsical, kind of primitive, big eyes, exaggerated features, etc. just the type of thing I adore!

I only found out about the class on Wednesday and was so glad to see that it had just started on Monday. So I was only a few days behind. The first lesson is drawing, drawing, drawing, practicing, practicing, practicing faces. Faces of all types, shapes, etc. Then you sketch a body. She hasn't really gone into detail on the bodies yet and said not to worry too much about those. We are to submit our chosen doll to use for the workshop by today. You email your sketch to her and she will critique it. Also you are to post your faces (works in progress) in the forum for everyone to see. It is so cool because mostly everyone is a beginner. You are all in the same boat and pretty much at the same level. No stress, no intimidation, just wonderful!!

So, I've been sketching like crazy trying to come up with something I want to use as my doll for the course. Eventually, you'll shade the doll (next week's lesson), paint her, adhere her to a wood support, embellish some more and seal with bees wax. After sketching day and night, I've posted some of my favorite ones. I do have one more that's slightly off kilter. She's more for Halloween. She's a "creepy" doll but I just love her. Hubby didn't get it. (do they ever?)

So, the one at the top, Jazz Girl, I think will be the one I'll go with. I emailed her to Suzi this morning. The rest of these will probably be used at some point after I learn the technique. Who knew how much fun sketching could be? I have NEVER drawn a thing before in my life other than doodles and triangle faces, stuff like that. I can't wait for the next lesson. I've never understood the whole "shading" thing. It was always so intimidating. Suzi is an awesome teacher, btw.

One thing she stresses is DO NOT DRAW THE SAME FACE over and over. That's easy to do. She shows you how to vary the faces so you get a different look each time. Some of her dolls have completely round faces, some have angular, they are just all so different. I really tried to remember what she said and vary each girl. I noticed that most of them turn out sad. Hmm... I'll work on that.

This one was my favorite until I drew the Jazzy girl:

I've since re-drawn the lips on this next one. I think they were too big. I like the new version better. But I do like the movement. Suzi says to give your dolls movement!

This little imp is tugging at my heart to make her a body. I'm looking for inspiration right now. I have a few ideas, though:

And she was just too much fun. I'll make her a mischievous little gal:

So can you tell I'm loving this class? I'll post my creepy girl next. I have to stop calling her that. I love her. Hubby says she's too sad; I said that's the point! Duh!! If you're not into the whole Tim Burton thing you won't like her. But, I'll show her anyway. Must have some variety!

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